Azuri manufactures and exports the widest range of backdrops in a wide variety of sizes, formats and fabrics. Themes and designs - handpainted scenics, photo murals, custom backgrounds. Photography backdrops, mottle, tiedye, textures, old masters, chroma key backdrops,studio, milldyed, hand dyed, muslin backdrops, photostudio backdrops, canvas and other new fabrics designed specially for the photography industry.

Theme Backdrops

Azuri's Theme backdrops an artistic representation of a subject with rendering works.

Crush Dye Backdrops

Azuri's Crushed Dye the patterns on our Crushed Dye are created by crushing the fabric and the effects of the backdrops comes after using direct hand dyes applied layer after layer to produce completely unique designs.

Flocking Backdrops

Azuri's Flocking backdrops inspired by different designs. The color and the design give it different appeal. A photographer can create the magic through lights.